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DirectX 9 User Interfaces: Design And Implementation

(2004) Learn how to create User Interfaces for games and interactive media on Windows using DirectX 9

DirectX 9 Graphics: The Definitive Guide To Direct3D

(2005) Learn DirectX 9 and related tools for making games and interactive media on the Windows platform

Introduction to Game Programming with C++

(2007) Build fun and efficient video games for Windows by learning the C++ programming language

Cross Platform Game Development: Make PC Games for Windows, Linux and Mac

(2008) Learn how to use free, cross-platform tools for making cross-platform games on Win, Mac and Linux

Teach Yourself Games Programming

(2007) Learn the fundamentals of Games Programming in C++ and other tools for creating fun games

Game Engine Design and Implementation

(2010) Learn how to design and build your own game engine using free, open-source tools and software

UDK Game Development

(2011) Learn how to build high-quality 2D and 3D games using the powerful Unreal Development KIt

Game Development Principles

(2013) Learn core game development principles for building fun games. Design, Code and more…

Learn Unity for 2D Game Development

(2013) Understand how to build fun 2D games efficiently using the Unity 4 game engine and C# scripting

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