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Mastering Unity 2017 Game Development with C#

(2017) Follow along, step by step, at creating advanced Unity 2017 games. Become an expert developer

Mastering Unity 5.x

(2017) Learn how to complete advanced, practical projects to create fun and diverse Unity games

How to Cheat in Blender 2.7x

(2017) Progress from a beginner to an intermediate Blender user by practicing real-world tips and tricks

Unity 5.x By Example

(2016) Learn how to use Unity 5 by following along, step by step, with practical projects and example games

Unity Animation Essentials

(2015) Learn how to create cut-scenes, animations and complex animated behaviors using Unity

Mastering Unity Scripting

(2015) Learn how to create advanced features and functionality for gameplay and tools using C# in Unity

How to Cheat in Unity 5: Tips and Tricks for Game Development

(2015) This comprehensive book presents a collection of powerful tips and techniques for the Unity engine

Pro Unity Game Development with C#

(2014) Learn to make a fun, first-person shooter game in a retro style. Learn C# scripting in the Unity game engine

Practical Game Development with Unity and Blender

(2014) Blender and Unity are amazing free tools for making games. Learn how to use them fast and effectively

Unity 4 Fundamentals: Get Started at Making Games with Unity

(2013) Learn the fundamentals of Unity 4 and C# for making games, visualizations and other media.

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