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C# Scripting – Save States

Apply C# Scripting to create a versatile save-state system, allowing players to save and resume gameplay

Blender Tips and Tricks

Power-up your Blender workflow by exploring bite-sized tips and tricks for achieving amazing results quickly

Pro Unity Game Development with C#

In this video tutorial, learn how to create a complete first person shooter game in the Unity engine

Learn to Create Custom GUIs in GameMaker: Studio

Learn how to use GameMaker:Studio to create optimized user interfaces for games and interactive media

Build a Side-Scroller Platformer game with GameMaker: Studio

Explores the process of creating a side-scrolling platformer game from scratch using GameMaker: Studio

Build a complete Side-Scroller Game with GameMaker: Studio

This course explores the process of building an old-school, side-scrolling shooter game from start to finish

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Unity for Game Development

A detailed course on the Unity Game Engine. If you’re curious about making games, this course is for you

Moving from Unity to Godot: An In-Depth Handbook to Godot

(2020) Thinking of switching from the Unity to Godot? This quick-start guide explains how to get started

Complete Unity 2018 Game Development

(2019) Explore a selection of real-world Unity projects to practice and apply your game development skills

Unity 2018 By Example

(2018) Move from Unity Beginner to Intermediate by following along with varied game projects

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