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Intro to C# Programming and Scripting for Games in Unity

Learn the fundamentals of C# and how to apply core coding concepts to creating interesting gameplay

Explore Awesome Unity Addons

Explore a powerful and diverse range of Unity Add-Ons to power-up your game development workflow

10 Killer Tips and Tricks for Unity

Learn ten amazing tips and tricks for optimizing your game development workflow with the Unity engine

Learn Advanced Game Mechanics in Unity for Game Development

This course explores tips, techniques and workflows to optimize your development pipeline with Unity

Intro to 3d Modeling Using Blender

Learn to start modelling props, objects and assets for real-time 3D using Blender

Creating 2D Games in Unity

This course explores the fundamentals of creating 2D game-play for games in Unity

10 Killer Tips and Tricks for Unity

Learn ten easy-to-follow tips and tricks for increasing your productivity in Unity

Learn Modular Environment Building for Games with Blender

Understand how to build modular environment assets in Blender that tile and fit into real-time games

Intro to C# Programming for Games with Unity

Learn the fundamentals of C# by creating games with Unity. Learn variables, functions, classes and more

Introduction to Unity for Game Development

Learn to create games, simulators and interactive media using the Unity engine and C# Scripting

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