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Unity for Architectural Visualization

Unity isn’t just for video games. Its rich 3D feature set makes it a great tool for creating architectural visualizations

Unity Medical Visualization – Deployment and Usability

In this course, learn to complete and deploy a medical visualization for a mobile device, using the Unity engine

Unity Medical Visualization – Animation and Coding

This course explores how to build and animate elements for a Heart Medical Visualization using Unity

Unity Medical Visualization – Preparation and Design

Unity isn’t just for games. This course explores how Unity can be used to create medical visualizations

Unity 2017 Cert Prep – Animation and Cinematics

Become Unity certified. Design and build powerful animations and cinematic sequences in Unity

Unity 2017 Cert Prep – Scripting and Publishing

Become Unity certified. Consolidate your coding and C# knowledge by creating gameplay in Unity

Unity 2017 Cert Prep – UI and 2D Games

Become Unity certified. Explore UI design and construction, and see how to make versatile 2D games

Unity 2017 Cert Prep – Audio and Effects

Become Unity certified. Learn how to configure and design powerful soundscapes and rendering effects

Unity 2017 Cert Prep – Materials and Lighting

Become Unity certified. Learn how to create materials and lighting for real-time 3D using the Unity engine

Unity 2017 Cert Prep – Fundamentals

Become Unity certified. Learn the fundamentals. Show employers that you have core Unity skills

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