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Alan Thorn is a game developer, author and educator. He has worked in games for over 20 years. He is passionate about indie games and their potential for causing positive change in the world. He is committed to helping indies succeed and grow.

Alan has written over 35 books, presented over 40 video courses, and worked on 33 commercial games. He founded the game studio, Wax Lyrical Games. And he created BeIndie.Biz to teach people how games can be made using only free and open source technologies

Books by Alan

Unity 5.x By Example

(2016) Learn how to use Unity 5 by following along, step by step, with practical projects and example games

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Unity Animation Essentials

(2015) Learn how to create cut-scenes, animations and complex animated behaviors using Unity

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Mastering Unity Scripting

(2015) Learn how to create advanced features and functionality for gameplay and tools using C# in Unity

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How to Cheat in Unity 5: Tips and Tricks for Game Development

(2015) This comprehensive book presents a collection of powerful tips and techniques for the Unity engine

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Pro Unity Game Development with C#

(2014) Learn to make a fun, first-person shooter game in a retro style. Learn C# scripting in the Unity game engine

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Practical Game Development with Unity and Blender

(2014) Blender and Unity are amazing free tools for making games. Learn how to use them fast and effectively

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Alan in education


Alan leads the post-graduate MA course in Game Design and Development at the National Film and Television School, in the United Kingdom

The NFTS games course is based on strongly inclusive principles. It’s designed to accelerate your career into the games industry regardless of your technical or creative background. Anybody can become a game developer

Video courses

Unity 2020 Certified Associate – Game Developer Fundamentals

Become Unity certified. Learn the fundamentals. Show employers you have the Unity skills they are looking for

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Unity: Architectural Visualization for Interactivity

In this course, see how to enhance your visualizations by adding interactive elements in Unity

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Unity for Architectural Visualization

Unity isn’t just for video games. Its rich 3D feature set makes it a great tool for creating architectural visualizations

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Unity Medical Visualization – Deployment and Usability

In this course, learn to complete and deploy a medical visualization for a mobile device, using the Unity engine

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Unity Medical Visualization – Animation and Coding

This course explores how to build and animate elements for a Heart Medical Visualization using Unity

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Unity Medical Visualization – Preparation and Design

Unity isn’t just for games. This course explores how Unity can be used to create medical visualizations

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About Alan Thorn

Game developer, author and educator

Alan has been making games since 1997, from RPGs to first-person shooters. He believes in the power of games to make big changes in the world. Alan loves developing the indie skillset: coding, modelling, animating, and everything else you need to make games fully
Alan creates tutorials exploring game development tools and technologies. This includes: Unity, Blender, Godot, GIMP, GameMaker, Unreal, C# Programming, C++ and many others. Alan has worked with online educators to deliver tutorial content, such as Packt Publishing, 3DMotive and LinkedIn Learning...


Alan created BEINDIE.BIZ


BeIndie.Biz is a game tutorial website full of courses and lessons by Alan Thorn. These explain how you can become a highly-skilled game developer using only open source, free and decentralized tools

Beindie.Biz is where you can learn to make a living and a business by making games. All from the comfort of your own home or from wherever you want. Learn to make production quality games using software and tools that cost nothing


Custom Development

Are you working on an exciting project, experience or a game? Do you need solid and reliable technical experterise? Alan can help you turn your ideas into a reality

Games Consultancy

Do you need comprehensive advice, or guidance or in-depth help getting started effectively with your next big project or business venture? If so, Alan can help

Speaking & Teaching

Are you seeking interesting talks or workshops for staff development or for an event? Or, do you want to teach your students how to make games? Alan can help




Wordpress is a free, open source toolkit for building effective websites. Plugins are smaller modules that extend the functionality of Wordpress. Alan develops Wordpress Plugins that enhance small business websites.
To view Alan's Wordpress Plugin website, visit: https://wpwombat.com
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